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General Doubles Info

Physical Warm-up
and Stretches

I learned an important lesson at a Polar Double Tournament a few years ago, when my normal warm-up routine was interrupted by my match being announced earlier than expected. During the second game, I pushed off to reach a short ball and felt a pop in my calf. I hit two volleys while hopping on one leg to win the point, but had to retire the match.

So here is an assembled series of video clips showing what the NC State Women's Tennis Team does to warm-up for a match.

Warm-up Drills

Structured Warm-up Drills are done prior to a match with someone feeding balls from a basket.

This allows everyone to have an opportunity to practice the types of shots you typically have to make in a match. It also eliminates most of dead time chasing stray balls that occurs in a cooperative warm-up so you get a lot more hitting in before a match.

And, by not being a 'cooperative' warm-up (where you should hit each ball back to the other player), you can hit for the specific targets as you should during a match.

Here are the warm-up drills with video examples

Doubles Tips & Techniques

Doubles Positioning and formations

At the 3.0 level, most points are won or lost by an error rather than someone hitting a winner. To play doubles effectively you need work together with your partner to:

More information about position and formations


  1. Handling fast volleys
  2. Watching the ball
  3. Dealing with slow serves and sitters