SCUBA Diving Logbook and Checklists

Logbook Pages

These logbook pages are designed to fit a 6X9 3-ring binder. This is a convienient size for a dive notebook because most first aid manuals are also this size. It will also easily fit into a large zip-loc bag for protection in your dive bag.

How to use the logbook pages
Logbook pages for tables divers Updated 9/03
Logbook pages for computer divers

These pages are intended to be printed front to back so that a single piece of paper serves as a planning checklist and equipment checklist for your dive trips. If you find something that you forgot to take on a trip that is not on these pages please let us know.

Planning and Equipment Checklists

Divemaster Briefing Checklist

This checklist is intended for use by divemasters and instructors that are providing the pre-dive briefing for a group. Other divers may also find this to be a useful guide when discussing a planned dive with their buddies.

Dive Briefing Checklist